Pro Athletes and acrobats

Elijah Holt

americas got talent Elijah holt zebra trampoline trampwall circus stunt show acrobatics off axis

Elijah Holt is a professional acrobat based out of Las Vegas Nevada who has become very well known for his trampoline act with an inflatable zebra. He is a contestant on the 2018 Americas Got Talent TV show and has performed in  shows all around the world and is highly regarded as one of the best acrobats in the world.

Skylar Stegner

Skylar stegnar skylarwithana off axis acrobatics Acro circus trampwall parkour trampoline stunt show Las Vegas show

Skylar, also known as Skylarwithana on Instagram is a fitness acrobats who became popular in 2017 with her very energetic and acrobatic instagram page. Growing up as a gymnast she has spent the last year in pursuit of her passion as an athlete and social media influencer.

Tanner Markley

tanner markley trampoline trampwall acrobatics off axis stunt show circus cirque live show

Tanner is a professional scooter rider, youtuber and trampwall acrobat. He is also the founder of Off Axis Acrobatics. At the age of 16 Tanner started competing in the freestyle scooter circuit and was soon picked up by Razor. Tanner has competed and performed in 10 different countries and was also the team manager of the Razor Action Sports team for years and was a semi finalist on America's Got Talent. Later he found a passion for trampwall and acrobatics and soon started his own show which is now known as the Off Axis Acrobatic Stunt Show which features some of the best acrobats and extreme sports athletes in the world

Dylan Broadway


Growing up doing action sports, karate, and gymnastics he's been chasing adrenaline since age 3. He loves parkour, tricking, snowboarding, bmx, fmx, smx, and skydiving but his loyalty relies with trampwall and is still expanding his knowledge and learning about new sports and disciplines daily. His favorite two saying are "go with the flow" and "go big or go home" He was the winner of the first ever trampwall contests called the Off Axis Games and is widely considered the be one of most talented acrobats and extreme sports athletes in the world.

Mason Fleet

mason fleet parkour athlete acrobatics off axis trampwall trampoline stunt show live circus cirque

Growing up in Colorado Mason started learning parkour in 2007 after being inspired by people like Jackie Chan and James Bond. Mason now performs in trampoline stunt shows in amusement parks and aspires to perform on the big screen or make it into the circus. He currently loves trampwall, tumble track, Freerunning, slack lining, handstands, yoga, guitar and is a proud vegan ambassador for Garden of Life. He is one of the most established parkour acrobats in the world performing in thousands of extreme sports stunt shows.

Brittany Hertz


Brittany Hertz is 22 years young from New York. She was a cheerleader for many year and won 3 national championships. Performing is her main passion and she's always testing herself to see what her body is capable of. She is now one of the most popular girl acrobats on instagram with a very large and engaged following.

Mo Armstrong


Mo was a competitive gymnast for 13 years and started doing trampoline and trampwall after he stopped competing. He now trains tricking, parkour, Cyr wheel and specializes in trampwall. He now is on tour with Catwall Acrobats.

Anjo Bem Souza


Anjo is a professional slack liner from Brazil. He has been a competitive slack liner since 2012 and was the Brazilian champion in 2013 and 2014. He has toured with many large circus' as one of the slackfline acrobats in Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey and Flynn Creek Circus. 

Brandon Davis

inline skate Brandon Davis acrobatic shoes trampwall show cirque du Soleil circus off axis acrobatic

Brandon Davis is a professional inline skater and acrobat. Growing up as a skater Brandon later found a passion for acrobatics. He has performed in shows such as Cirque Du Soleil, All Wheel Sports and Off Axis Acrobatic. Brandon was the first performing acrobatic to be hired by Off Axis and was in our first contract at Land of Illusion in Ohio. He now performs as one of the acrobats in the extreme sports inline skating act act in Love

Max Jay

off axis max jay trampwall show acrobatic shoe circus cirque acrobatics

From Las Vegas Nevada Max was a competitive gymnast for 14 years and has been doing trampwall for 6 years and has been performing professionally for 3 years. He is 22 years old and will be touring with the other Off Axis Acrobats this summer.

Tyler Funk

Tyler funk g tramp youtube youtuber trampoline acrobatic shoes trampwall show flip funk bros off axi

Tyler Funk is a world renowned g tramper, scooter rider and youtuber. He is known for throwing insane tricks on trampolines. Based out of Southern California Tyler is one of the most popular g trampers and acrobats in the world. He also enjoys extreme sports on his free time.